Kohler 2-1/2" x 36" - 60" Linear Drain Channel

Kohler 2-1/2" x 36" - 60" Linear Drain Channel

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Incorporate this easy-to-install, linear shower drain into your next contemporary shower project for a sleek, minimalist look with maximum function. This innovative drain solution delivers the best-in-class quality you’ve come to expect from KOHLER, along with customizable channel length and outlet location, premium hair strainer, and durable, easy-to-clean electropolished stainless steel base. Designed for single-slope tiled shower floors and flush-to-wall placements, the drain channel is effortless to size, adjust, and tile against in your home or commercial shower installation.

        • Flush-to-wall design (recommended) provides a clean aesthetic; can also be installed within shower floor interior
        • Extend channel length from 36" to 60" for easier specification and precise wall-to-wall installation (if desired)
        • Channel is pitched to outlet for easy cleaning and complete drainage; handles up to 15 gpm (56.8 lpm) flow capacity (rate may vary by installation)
        • Drain outlet location can be adjusted to bypass joints, venting, or other in-floor obstacles
        • Outlet adapter can be preattached to drain pipe for simplified installation and access to couplings
        • Easy-clean domed hair strainer prevents clogs
        • Subfloor brackets are height-adjustable to ensure the drain channel is mounted at the correct height during installation
        • Removeable tile guide/mud guard keeps channel clean of debris during installation and provides a straight edge to tile against
        • Wide-top flange with protective film ensures excellent waterproof adhesion
        • Includes subfloor mounting brackets, tile guide/mud guard, hair strainer, and threaded collar, along with straight pipe and threaded outlet adapters
        • Can also be installed with KOHLER side-outlet adapter K-28987 (sold separately)
        • Requires Kohler 2-1/2" x 36", 2-1/2" x 48", or 2-1/2" x 60" linear drain grate

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              Kohler 2-1/2

              Kohler 2-1/2" x 36" - 60"...

              Regular price $327.35 USD
              Regular price $327.35 USD Sale price
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