Delta Two Handle Flexible Mount - PEX Crimp

Delta Two Handle Flexible Mount - PEX Crimp

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This rough-in kit may be installed prior to choosing the specific trim and finish. Allows for construction or a renovation project to proceed without delays when narrowing down a design style. Trim kit is sold separately and is required to complete the unit. Save time, effort, and money on future renovation updates because there's no need to alter plumbing beneath the deck.


  • Rough-in kit only
  • Must purchase trim kit to complete the unit
  • Solid fabricated brass end valves
  • Three hole installation
  • Flexible deck or ledge mounting arrangement
  • Self-locating basis
  • Tighten/adjust from above the deck
  • Uses PEX crimp ring type connections
  • Recommended minimum handle spacing is 10 in.
  • Recommended maximum handle spacing is 16 in.
  • 5/8 in. O.D. corrugated copper supply outlet tubes
  • Hot and cold stems are interchangeable
  • Temperature and volume controlled with handles

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